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Super Sam wins big at Wheeldon! EXGB British Indoor EX Championship Rounds 1 & 2 – Race Report & Results

Electric X racing thrust itself on the UK dirtbike scene as the first-ever EXGB event fired into life at the Wheeldon Off-Road Centre in Devon with the opening rounds of the inuagral British Indoor Electric X Championship at the weekend.

Over 100 riders from the ages of 3 upwards ripped around the Indoor venue in one of the World’s first all Electric Off-Road Bike events, covering all ages of racer and type of bike.

The PCR-E Factory Sur-Ron Racing team turned up in force to support their racer Sam Winterburn who had a stunning weekend, going unbeaten in the Adult Open class and in both of the Dirt Hub Super Finals, where he had to make his way through the field, as a handicap system was in place.

Robert Kendryna was solid all weekend long, finishing second in the Open class on both days. Beanie Reece landed on the podium in third on Saturday onboard the German Pohlbock Ebock 2 prototype machine, but on Sunday, Billy Warmsley edged Beanie off of the box and claimed the final podium spot.

In the Stock Mod class, Talaria UK’s young gun Isaac Ash showed immense speed in the early motos on Saturday but was hampered by machinery problems, which enabled John Farleigh to capitalise and take the Round one victory over Ash with Tyler Robertson in third.

At Sunday’s round two, Ash was on another level and went through the card to take the number one spot ahead of Farleigh, with Louis Brookes in third. Brookes would go on to win the FMF Vision B Final on Sunday with a great ride.

The Stock class was the biggest. Alfie Calvert was a class act and swept the board on both days for a double victory. Alfie was also the rider closest to beating Winterburn in the Super Finals, using his 10-second advantage to good use, keeping the PCR-E moto rider at bay to the latter stages of each moto.

Entertainer Pierre Nakhla grabbed second place on both days but certainly won the crowd favourite award with his verbal antics on track. John Gill made his Electric debut and rode well for third on Saturday, while on Sunday, Mitchell Yeates landed the final podium position.

Rougue Lewis had an outstanding weekend in the Auto-E class, where riders from 5-8 on KTM SX-E5 bikes and similar duked it out for Glory. Rougue would win each and every moto, doing it the hard way, having to fight through the pack on each occasion. The likes of Teddy Moore, Jesse Barks and Albie Wood certainly didn’t make it easy for Rougue either, which made for some great racing.

Albie Wood would be the runner-up on both days, ahead of Teddy Moore in third each time. Jesse Barks, Arthur Hitchock and Jackson Bowers all rode well too, with Barks and Hitchcock both dusting themselves down and getting back on after crashing out.

The FMF Vision Super Winner award for the top scorer over both days went the way of Rougue Lewis.

The Mini-E Category for riders between 4 and 7 years of age saw a great lineup, mainly of Oset MX-10 bikes. Levison Usher and Blue Bishop shared the victories, with two apiece on Sunday, but Levison, with two seconds, had the edge and took victory on the day ahead of Blue. Ethan Kentch rode well for third.

On Sunday, Blue came to the fore and took the maximum three wins from three to claim the round 2 spoils and take the FMF Vision Goggles home as the Super Winner. Levison would still finish second on the day, with Ethan Kentch and Dexter Bowers in joint third.

A massive well done needs to go in this class to Toby Wilson, Keyan Parry and Charlotte Cooke for riding excellently in their first-ever race meetings.

Austin Roberts stormed to a triumphant double in the Oset 12.5 class fending off Ellis Gaines, who took second on Saturday with Archie Pearce and Logan Thornton in joint third, while on Sunday Roberts had Archie in second with Ellis third and Logan Fourth. Austin would also claim the FMF Goggles by scoring the most points over the two days.

Alongside the EX classes was the Revvi South West Super Cup, which had over 50 Electric Balance Bike riders battling for glory. A full report on this will follow.

Everyone at EXGB & the Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came out and raced with us and all of the families, friends and spectators who helped to create such a great and supportive atmosphere for the little racers (and the big ones) at our first EXGB event!

A massive thanks must go to our team who make our events happen, Andrew and family at Wheeldon Farm for providing a fantastic and welcoming venue, Duck Smart for always supporting us, Don and Katie at Revvi for getting behind our vision, Monsters of Dirt for the superb awards, and Blumonkey Media for the images and vids…


British Indoor Electric X Championship – Round 1

Adult Open

1st Sam Winterburn – 32 pts
2nd Robert Kendryna – 28 pts
3rd Beanie Reece – 21 pts
4th Paul Frost – 19 pts
5th Billy Warmsley – 12 pts

Adult Stock Mod

1st John Farleigh – 30 pts
2nd Isaac Ash – 28 pts
3rd Tyler Robertson – 23 pts
4th Louis Brookes

Adult Stock

1st Alfie Calvert – 32 pts
2nd Pierre Nakhla – 28 pts
3rd John Gill – 24 pts
4th Finlay Taylor – 18 pts
5th Mitchell Yeates – 18 pts
6th Jon Free – 6 pts

Dirt Hub Super Final Winner – Sam Winterburn


1st Rougue Lewis – 32 pts
2nd Albie Wood – 25 pts
3rd Teddy Moore – 22 pts
4th Jesse Marks – 20 pts
5th Jackson Bowers – 14 pts
6th Arthur Hitchock – 13 pts


1st Levison Usher – 30 pts
2nd Blue Bishop – 28 pts
3rd Ethan Kentch – 25 pts
4th Dexter Bowers – 20 pts
5th Toby Wilson – 17 pts
6th Keyan Parry – 12 pts
7th Charlotte Cooke – 6pts

Oset 12.5

1st Austin Roberts – 32 pts
2nd Ellis Gaines – 26 pts
3rd Archie Pearce – 17 pts
3rd Logan Thornton – 17 pts

British Indoor Electric X Championship – Round 2

Adult Open

1st Sam Winterburn – 24 pts
2nd Robert Kendryna – 21 pts
3rd Billy Warmsley – 18 pts
4th Beanie Reece – 15 pts
5th Paul Frost – 12 pts

Adult Stock Mod

1st Isaac Ash – 24 pts
2nd John Farleigh – 21 pts
3rd Louise Brookes – 18 pts

Adult Stock

1st Alfie Calvert – 24 pts
2nd Pierre Nakhla – 19 pts
3rd Mitchell Yeates – 17 pts
4th John Gill – 7 Pts

Dirt Hub Super Final Winner – Sam Winterburn

FMF Vision B Final Winner – Louis Brookes


1st Rougue Lewis – 24 pts
2nd Albie Wood – 20 pts
3rd Teddy Moore – 18 pts
4th Jesse Barks – 16 pts
5th Jackson Bowers – 10 pts
6th Arthur Hitchcock – 8 pts

FMF Vision Super Winner – Rougue Lewis


1st Blue Bishop – 24 pts
2nd Levison Usher – 19 pts
3rd Ethan Kentch – 17 pts
3rd Dexter Bowers – 17 pts
5th Toby Wilson – 12 pts
6th Keyan Parry – 9 pts
7th Charlotte Cooke – 4 pts

FMF Vision Super Winner – Blue Bishop

Oset 12.5

1st Austin Roberts – 24 pts
2nd Archie Pearce – 21 pts
3rd Ellis Gaines – 17 pts
4th Logan Thornton – 16 pts

FMF Vision Super Winner – Austin Roberts

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