Showtime!!! Revvi South West Showdown – Report & Results

Back on the 3rd and 4th June EXGB hosted the 2023 Revvi South West Showdown Electric Bike event at the superb Wheeldon Off-Road Centre down in Devon.

Images by @rox_shotz

Once again a tremendous entry rocked up to race and battle it out for glory and the action, camaraderie an atmosphere was again excellent with some great friendships being formed by the little racers and their families.

Riders took to the track for four races on Saturday and three on Sunday with overall awards being given for the top three on each day and the top scorer in each class being awarded the Showdown trophy. Each and every rider won a medal for their great efforts too as well as being able to collect and goody bag and a programme.

The Revvi 12′ Open 3 years of age category is always keenly contested and this weekend was no different. Three different riders took race wins on Saturday, Tommy White won two, and Lucas Gill and Theo Vaughan grabbed  one apiece but on the day it was Tommy with the overall ahead of Lucas an Theo who all deserved their place on the podium. Behind the lead trio it was Harley Patel with fourth, Ruby Keenan in fifth, George Fenwick in sixth, Freddie Edwards in seventh, Theo Hancock eighth and Vinnie Legg ninth.

Tommy was on a mission on Sunday and he would take the chequers in all three races bagging him the overall and the Showdown Trophy. Harley had a good day and made his way onto the podium in second with Lucas again on the box in third. Theo Vaughan was fourth, Ruby was fifth, Theo Hancock was sixth, Freddie was seventh and Vinnie was eighth.

The Revvi 12″ open 4-5 class was lower in numbers but certainly not in epic race action. Louie Bryant had eaten 3 weetabix on Saturday morning and fired in with two race wins with some outstanding jumping on the indoor track but a few incidents held him back and Blake Benson came to fore to win the third and fourth races to take the overall win over Nicky Layt who had some great speed in second with Louie third and Stanley Hoskin in fourth and debutant Rory Westbrook in fifth.

On Sunday it was Nicky who woke up with a spring in his step and he would storm to victory in race one, but again Blake put the hammer down to win the latter moto’s to take the overall and the Showdown trophy. Nicky was second on Sunday, Louie was third and Stanley was fourth.

There was some awesome on track action in the Revvi 16″ Standard 3-4 year old class with it all going down to the last race on Saturday for the day one win with Presley Purchase’s earlier form with two wins being enough to edge the day by one point over another double moto winner Frank Southcott.  Just one point further behind was Logan Thornton who put in four smooth and consistent riders for a well earned place on the podium. Cohen Fewings was fourth, Ethan Rudd who had a super busy day was fifth and Eithan Tanase was sixth.

Presley began Sunday on fire but a DNF in the third race meant he would finish off of the box in fourth. Frank would notch up a victory in the last of the weekend and with a good points stash would take home the Sunday overall and the Showdown trophy. Second place on the Sunday would go the way of Logan with Cohen in third, Presley was fourth and Ethan was fifth.

The Revvi 16″ Open 3-4 year old class ended up with a double line up of riders which meant on Saturday they would have three qualifying heats then an A and B Final.

Stanley Scott didn’t put a foot wrong on Saturday winning all of his heats and the final in fantastic style, ahead of Raife Western who never gave up the fight all weekend long. Blake Benson would add another award to his trophy cabinet with third, Nicky Layt was fourth in a busy weekend for him and the Layt family, Reggie Woods was fifth, Rhys Bennison was sixth, Oliver Harrington was seventh, Jack Insley was eighth, and Jonah Barks was ninth.

In the B Final Reggie England was the top racer in the EBB Open 3-5 year old class as he would be on Sunday to take the wins in this category on both days and the Showdown Trophy. The best in the Revvi’s in the B Final was Jacob Cossey ahead of George Fenwick and Ethan Rudd.

The podium on Sunday was a mirror image of Saturday with Stanley on the top step, flanked by Raife in second and Blake in third. Nicky was once again fourth, Rhys was fifth, Oliver was sixth, Jack was seventh, Jonah was eighth, Reggie was ninth and Ethan was tenth.

Moving onwards to the Revvi 16′ Standard 5-6 years of age class where Eli Smith put on a masterclass going unbeaten all weekend long to triumph on both days and add the Showdown trophy to his haul. Charlie Lister never backed down from the challenge and pushed hard for Second on Saturday ahead of Eli’s brother Foxy in third. Martha Gill as always rode her heart out for fourth in a super fast class, Maggie May Layt was ultra smooth in fifth, Heidi Robinson smiled all day in sixth, Dexter Arnold had a great day in Seventh and Reuben Buckle rode well for Eighth.

Eli saw his brother next to him on the box on Sunday with Foxy edging out Charlie for second. Charlie though had a strong weekend with third, Martha was fourth, Maggie was fifth, Dexter was sixth and Heidi was seventh.

The racing in the Revvi 16″ Open 5-6 year old category is always top notch again it was the talented Austin Roberts who would rattle off all seven race wins in his class to take the Showdown Trophy and staying unbeaten this season, after already winning the Revvi Cup in Sheffield, the All Stars at Wheeldon, the Yorkshire Super Cup in Sheffield and the Revvi Cup in Cumbria. Well done Austin that is a tremendous achievement.  On Saturday in the A Final Oaklie Seldon had an awesome day to take second, Oscar Duckworth made it onto the box with a great third, Millie England was fourth, Rubyn James was fifth and Maggie May Layt was sixth.

In the B Final Austin Cottell fended off Vivienne Western for the win with Charlie Young in third.

On Sunday behind Austin it was Oaklie in second, Oscar was third, Beau Baker fourth, Austin fifth, Millie in sixth and Charlie in seventh.

The B Final saw Rubyn James take the chequers with Maggie May Layt second and Vivienne Western in third.

In among the Revvi Open 5-6 riders was Emelia Bryant in the Revvi Open 7-8 years of age category and Ethan Kentch in the Open EBB 6-8 year old category both of whom of course won their classes and the Showdown but also had some epic battles with Austin Roberts at the head of the field.

A huge well done to everyone who took part, and to all of the friends and families for creating such a great atmosphere…

Of course we couldn’t do it without our team so massive thanks to them for their hard work over three long days, plus a few either side!

The Wheeldon venue served up some great racing and as always a huge thanks go to Andrew, Jim and Lou for welcoming us to their farm.

A big thanks to our partners Revvi and Duck Smart for their continued support, NORA Motorsport, Monsters of Dirt, and Sur-Ron UK for all of their support with this event also.

Once again our partners at Moto Twenty5 presented Little Hero awards to riders who shone throughout the weekend. On Saturday it was a mother and son duo who won the award. Little Freddie Edwards was taking part in his first race event, which was a huge thing for the rider who had only just turned three. Freddie needed support from his Mum Kate to get around the track, which she did for every race and every lap, staying by his side and making sure as a team they completed every race throughout the weekend. Well done to them both.

On Sunday the awards went to Heidi Robinson who is one of the smiliest riders on the track, Millie England who never gave up all weekend long and little Ruby Keenan who rode a stormer with full commitment in every race. Well done all and thanks to Lee and Mel from Moto Twenty5 for putting up these awards.

The next event is the Revvi on the Rock Electric Balance Bike Trophy which takes place at Grove Farm, Portland in Dorset on the 15th and 16th July with entries now open. For more info and to enter go to >>


Day One 

Revvi 12″ Open 3 years of age

1st Tommy White 32pts
2nd Lucas Gill 30pts
3rd Theo Vaughan 29pts
4th Harley Patel 29pts
5th Ruby Keenan 18pts
6th George Fenwick 18pts
7th Freddie Edwards 7pts
8th Theo Hancock 5pts
9th Vinnie Legg 5pts

Revvi 12″ Open 4-5 years of age

1st Blake Benson 32pts
2nd Nicky Layt 31pts
3rd Louie Bryant 26pts
4th Stanley Hoskin 25pts
5th Rory Westbrook 5pts

Revvi 16″ Standard 3-4 years of age

1st Presley Purchase 32pts
2nd Frank Southcott 31pts
3rd Logan Thornton 30pts
4th Cohen Fewings 27pts
5th Ethan Rudd 19pts
6th Eithan Tanase 17pts

Revvi 16″ Open 3-4 years of age

A Final

1st Stanley Scott
2nd Raife Western
3rd Blake Benson
4th Nicky Layt
5th Reggie Woods
6th Rhys Bennison
7th Oliver Harrington
8th Jack Insley
9th Jonah Barks

B Final

1st Jacob Cossey
2nd George Fenwick
3rd Ethan Rudd

Revvi 16″ Standard 5-6 years of age

1st Eli Smith 36pts
2nd Charlie Lister 31pts
3rd Foxy Smith 29pts
4th Martha Gill 23pts
5th Maggie May Layt 21pts
6th Heidi Robinson 13pts
7th Dexter Arnold 11pts
8th Rueben Buckle 10pts

Revvi 16″ Open 5-6 years of age

A Final

1st Austin Roberts
2nd Oaklie Seldon
3rd Oscar Duckworth
4th Millie England
5th Rubyn James
6th Maggie May Layt

B Final

1st Austin Cottell
2nd Vivienne Western
3rd Charlie Young

Revvi 16″ Open 7-8 years of age

1st Emelia Bryant

EBB Open 16″ 3-5 years of age

1st Reggie England

EBB Open 16″ 6-8 years of age

1st Ethan Kentch

Day two

Revvi 12″ Open 3 years of age

1st Tommy White 27pts
2nd Harley Patel 22pts
3rd Lucas Gill 21pts
4th Theo Vaughan 20pts
5th Ruby Keenan 15pts
6th Theo Hancock 12pts
7th Freddie Edwards 9pts
8th Vinnie Legg 6pts

Showdown winner – Tommy White

Revvi 12″ Open 4-5 years of age

1st Blake Benson 26pts
2nd Nicky Laty 24pts
3rd Louie Bryant 22pts
4th Stanley Hoskin 6pts

Showdown winner – Blake Benson

Revvi 16″ Standard 3-4 years of age

1st Frank Southcott 25pts
2nd Logan Thornton 20pts
3rd Cohen Fewings 20pts
4th Presley Purchase 18pts
5th Ethan Rudd 17pts

Showdown winner – Frank Southcott

Revvi 16″ Open 3-4 years of age

A Final

1st Stanley Scott
2nd Raife Western
3rd Blake Benson
4th Nicky Layt
5th Rhys Bennison
6th Oliver Harrington
7th Jack Insley
8th Jonah Barks
9th Ethan Rudd

Showdown Winner – Stanley Scott

Revvi 16″ Standard 5-6 years of age

1st Eli Smith 27pts
2nd Foxy Smith 23pts
3rd Charlie Lister 22pts
4th Martha Gill 17pts
5th Maggie May Layt 16pts
6th Dexter Arnold 12pts
7th Heidi Robinson 9pts

Showdown Winner – Eli Smith

Revvi 16″ Open 5-6 years of age

A Final

1st Austin Roberts
2nd Oaklie Seldon
3rd Oscar Duckworth
4th Beau Baker
5th Austin Cottell
6th Millie England
7th Charlie Young

B Final

1st Rubyn James
2nd Maggie May Layt
3rd Vivienne Western

Revvi 16″ Open 7-8 years of age

1st Emelia Bryant & Showdown Winner

EBB Open 16″ 3-5 years of age

1st Reggie England & Showdown Winner

EBB Open 16″ 6-8 years of age

1st Ethan Kentch & Showdown Winner

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