2024 Revvi Cup – The Classes

Electric REVVI Bike Racing

With the 2024 Revvi race season just around the corner with “The Opener” taking place at SX Worx in Sheffield on the 20th January we are pleased to announce the classes for the year.

Due to the diminishing entries in the 16″ standard classes and the fact that the new Revvi 16″ bike comes with a 250w motor as standard, the 16″ classes now are open classes for bikes up to 250w. As before, any parts or upgrades on these bikes need to come from Revvi. (the full technical specifications will be released soon).

As the Standard and Open classes are now effectively combined, we have amended the ages in each class so that there are not too many riders in each category. So now there will be a classes for 3 year olds, 4 year olds, 5 year olds, 6 year olds and 7-8 year olds. As each Revvi Cup event is an individual competition the class a rider is in will be based on their age on the day of the event. This mean riders in these classes will be racing against riders of the same age. This also applies to the 12″ classes which remain Open classes for motors upto 170w.

With the introduction of the new 18″ bike we will also be running classes for this bike. There will be two classes, one for 6-8 year olds and another for 9-11 year olds. At our first event there are only limited entries in these classes until we get a better understanding of how this will run.

As always with Electric Bikes things change all of the time so if things develop throughout the year some of this could be subject to change.

Here are the full list of classes for 2024:

Revvi 12” Open 3 years of age – upto 170W

Revvi 12” Open 4-5 years of age – upto 170W

Revvi 16” Open 3 years of age – upto 250W

Revvi 16” Open 4 years of age – upto 250W

Revvi 16” Open 5 years of age – upto 250W

Revvi 16” Open 6 years of age – upto 250W

Revvi 16” Open 7-8 years of age – upto 250W

Revvi 18” Open 6-8 years of age

Revvi 18” Open 9-11 years of age

Entries will be open soon for the first Revvi Cup event of 2024.

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