2024 EXGB Championships – The classes

With the opening round of the 2024 EXGB British Indoor EX Championship just two months away we are pleased to announce the classes for this and the EXGP championship which begins in June.

Ages for these classes are based on a rider’s age on the 1st of January, 2024.

Oset 12.5 – 3 to 6 years of age

Mini E class – 4-7 years of age (upto 1800w 10” wheels so this will include the new KTM E2 bike, as well as Oset MX10’s…)

Auto E3 – 4-6 years of age (4-year-olds have to be assessed at one of our ride days and will be restricted to Power level 4 for their first two meetings) (for KTM E3 bikes and equivalent)

Auto E5 – 5-8 years of age (for KTM E5 bikes and equivalent)

Riders under the above-stated ages will not be permitted to race in those classes under any circumstances.

Registration for the Indoor Championship will be open soon, with a registration including the chance for a rider to secure their race number, receive priority entry and book a transponder for all three rounds.

There will be no adult classes at the first two rounds of the Indoor Championship.

2024 EXGB dates

2024 EXGB British Indoor EX Championship – incorporating Revvi Cup events

The EXGB British Indoor Championship is back with classes for Oset 12.5’s, Mini E, Auto E and Revvi’s…

Round 1 – 24th & 25th February @ Wheeldon Off-Road Centre, Devon

Round 2 – 11th & 12th May @ Wheeldon Off-Road Centre, Devon

2024 EXGB British Indoor EX Championship – incorporating Revvi Cup events

We head outdoors for the second staging of the three-round EXGP Championship, which caters for Adults, Oset 12.5’s, Mini E, Auto E, Revvis and more

Round 1 – 1st & 2nd June @ Grove Farm, Dorset

Round 2 – 13th & 14th July @ LDR, Gloucestershire

Round 3 – 16th to 18th August @ Greenfield Dirt Track, Lincolnshire – ELECTRIC DIRT FESTIVAL

2024 EXGB Showdown – incorporating a Revvi Cup event

November 2024 – Date TBC

Feature Image courtesy of @rox_shotz

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